Monday, August 5, 2013

A Risk Worth Taking

Of all the things I am thankful for about myself, it is my personality. My personality has afforded me so many opportunities, thus making me into the person I am today. I love to meet new people, no matter what the situation, and make a new acquaintance or friend. Even though I never really considered this [meeting new people] to be one of strengths, it is indeed. To be honest, I still get anxiety meeting new people even though I have proven time and time again that I can thrive. Most of that anxiety comes from always wanting to make a good first impression because it is one you cannot change or take back. Like Sheryl Crow said about the first cut being the deepest, so is an impression. 

This past Saturday and last Sunday, I attended two beautiful weddings by myself (We'll save the how and why that all happened for another blog). A few times before each occasion I said to myself, "Are you really about to do this?! The norm is to take a date and enjoy the ceremony & reception with a boyfriend/someone you are seeing/close friend." But then I thought, "You were invited and this is TOO special of a day for some very dear friends for you to miss because you have to attend #solodolo." I was uncomfortable in both situations, but what is written above in the first paragraph is what I took from the experience.

These were two humbling experiences where I again, surprised myself. And again, the experiences were a little outside of comfort zone and I am beginning to realize that there [outside of my comfort zone] is where I will often be placed in order to continue growing as a person. It is these types of instances that make me realize I'm different (in a good way).  I think most people would not attend if they had to go by themselves or leave early, but I stayed the entire time for both weddings. 

With that said, do not always let your thoughts talk you out of situations you feel are uncomfortable. There is a good chance something may come from that situation that you later use a powerful adjective to describe what you experienced. Our mind is powerful and if we let it always talk us out of things that may be beneficial to us, it can stunt our personal growth. Taking risks makes for a great learning moment and good story, so take them often. Remember you are a lot stronger thank you think! 

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