Monday, July 1, 2013

Be Gay Like the Flinstone's Baby

I find it so fascinating that we bash Chris Bosh for being gay and he has a wife; while everyone seems to be praising Jason Collins for coming out. Does anyone see where I’m about to go with this? Let me make myself clear. I am genuinely happy for Jason Collins and for making this declaration because I know it was not easy for him. His bravery is to be commended and I hope this encourages others who are going through this process, to feel empowered.
As soon as Jason made this announcement, memes were instantly flooding my Instagram and Twitter feeds with Chris Bosh captioned saying things like “I’m coming Jason!” and “Coach, can we trade for him.” I mean, it is just not funny anymore—hell, it never was funny. People who think it is are actually showing their ignorance and bigotry towards gays. Since everyone has taken such a liking towards Jason, I almost wish he would speak out against making fun of people who aren’t and people saying they are. It is not fair to Chris, his family or to people like Jason in the gay community. It reinforces the fact that there is still hatred towards people who identify as gay and that they will be ridiculed.
Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. For example, people very often remark about the way I speak. Because I can construct a sentence that does not sound anything like what blacks and whites have witnessed women of my color speak like on Maury, I automatically talk “white.” It’s not fair to any educated and well read person to be referred to in that manner and/or treated any differently.
If that analogy didn’t make sense, try this one: It makes me think of Carlton always feeling like he needed to prove his blackness to Will on Fresh Prince. He tried living in the roughest part of the neighborhood JUST to gain Will’s respect.

We are a society that is constantly trying to make fun of people for ANYTHING! Why don’t we instead figure out ways in which we can love or learn from each other. This happens in small doses and we see it when tragedies happen like Boston strike our nation. However, why do we wait until something bad happens?! I guess I’m like John Mayer and just waiting on the world to change.

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