Monday, July 1, 2013

Something Other Than Your Breasts

It is nice to be reminded every once in a while
that a person with a decent set of manners and morals
still matters to some folks.
A genuine person who isn’t perfect,
but has their stuff together.
I mean, that has to be somewhat commendable.
Someone has to see the beauty in that!
I’m really different than most girls.
I like to show off my smile and not my breasts.
I show cleavage like the best of them but what good does it do me if you didn’t notice my face first?
I want to attract him with my corny sense of humor, lovable personality, infectious laugh and mission to be one of the most respected black women in her field.
I want my conversation to leave a long lasting impression that has you thinking about a concept or idea days after it’s been over.
My beautiful assets are part of the package, but some things should
be left to the imagination until you’ve earned the right to see what’s inside.
The mailman does not deliver mail before someone has made sure
it is going to be sent to the right address.
And maybe I’m the last girl to believe in this, but I want that package to be dropped off to the right recepient.
So for right now, the package is still in the warehouse prepping and when the person worth the shipping and handling fees comes along,
like they say at USPS.
“If it fits, it ships."
I’m not tryna diss the girls who have their tits
out in their pics, but
what are you trying to present?
what message are you sending?
Cause pics like that scream D-T-F
and last time I checked
Snookie and the other meatballs
were never and should not be considered any kind of role models.
Oh America
We have confused these young women!
We have gotten them to believe that their figures are all they have to give.
When it should be about what college they’re attending,
where they see themselves in five years and what their biggest accomplishment is?
How can we transform their mindsets when every rap song says the exact opposite?
There comes a point when we should just listen to the music and not actually digest it.
What’s the difference you ask?
Let it be the songs you dance to with ya girls at the club
but not be something you’re actually trying to live by.
If that last paragraph is ever accomplished the world could be a better place.
Oh we’ll still spend hours in the mirror because that is human nature,
but instead,
it’ll be for ourselves.
Women: Impress the world with the beauty of your smile and mind!

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