Monday, July 1, 2013

Why Paula Deen's Piece is Being Sliced

My girl Paula Deen dropped the n-word and other racial slurs. This situation coming to light has now prompted The Food Network to not renew her contract. 
Now, everyone and their mother is taking to Facebook and Twitter to say that if this were a rapper this would not even be an issue. NEWSFLASH: IT’S APPLES AND ORANGES FOLKS! Rappers are given what is called a poetic license. Their profession is art; thus, whatever it takes to compose that art—it is allowed. I am not excusing the derogatory language that rappers use; I am however, telling you why it is allowed and in turn, accepted. 
We simply cannot and should not compare the two. Paula Deen is supposed to making us delectable pies and delicious treats…not using the n-word. 

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