Friday, July 12, 2013


Wow. As I read what is being said about the trial on all forms of social media my heart is heavy. The black community is taking a few sides on the Trayvon Martin issue. 
  1. Supporting the Martin family. People are blacking out their profile pictures and tweeting #justicefortrayvon.
  2. Others are saying, that next week, people won't care. Or outside of social media, I bet no one is talking about the case. 
  3. It's a race thing. People are saying it's a black/white issue. 
I would like to argue that it is about all three of those.  We should care next week, it is in fact a race issue and we should be supporting the Martin family in any form or fashion.  Yes, the black community continues to commit black on black crime day in and day out and that is a very serious problem. However, this case has nothing to do with that issue. George Zimmerman may have had no "spite, or ill will" but he decided to pursue a man who "fit the profile" of other break-ins that happened in his community. By taking matters into his own hands, that he CLEARLY was not capable of handling, he had to defend himself by using deadly force and because of that very poor decision, Trayvon Benjamin Martin is no longer on this earth.
Now, people claiming this is just a fad. Whoa. Relax!! Whether it is half-hearted or someone is doing something in support of this case just to get likes or attention, it's still half-hearted; in other words, his or her heart is in the right place. This case has received national attention and I am so glad that it has. George Zimmerman deserves to serve SOMETHING killing this young man. 
Who cares if people do not care about it next week! We can make a difference by standing up for one another via social media. It is the biggest tool that so many of have access to in order for us to voice our opinions. 
This trial has spurred conversation. Good healthy conversation about what forever will be an issue in this country: race. I am so proud to be the color that I am, but it comes with a price.  My color comes with the duty of being better than what they portray in the media and movies.  My color comes with the responsibility of holding myself to standard to be well read and educated. My color is why Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks had to stand up! We may not have endured the racism that they did, but I guarantee you that they would both (and other Civil Right Activists for that matter) be proud of us for taking a stand and coming together over this very serious trial. 

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