Monday, July 1, 2013

Pressure Always Points in the Right Direction

At my age, close friends and family are getting engaged and married what seems like everyday. It is such an exciting time! To know who you want to spend the rest of your life with at such a young age is quite the blessing. Then, to be invited to these weddings is an honor in and of itself. Although I am anxious for this to happen for me, there is no rushing this process. 
With that said, it is my belief that there is a pressure to do what everyone else in your circle is doing. This happens mostly because the people comprising our circle are achieving the same goals and are around the same age. Thus, they have very similar activities and life events happening around the same time. Even though this is the case in most instances, there should not be a pressure to be making the same things happen in your life. It is alright to not be doing what everyone else around you is doing. I always like to use myself as an example. Pursuing my graduate degree was a big decision for me. None of my close friends were going right back into school, so Elise made the choice for her. I think that is on e of the many reasons why I am still on this natural high from graduating because I cannot believe I did it. I surprised myself! Even though my close friends did not pursue another degree like me, does not mean they will not one day; it just was not their time. 

Just because everybody around you is making great changes to his or her life, does not necessarily mean you need to do the same.  Each decision you make comes with a commitment and that is not something that should be taken lightly. Let that unspoken ‘pressure’ drive you to make well thought-out decisions not off-the-cuff decisions. Ultimately, your path should and will be different from everyone else’s. How boring would it be if we all did everything exactly the same way? There would be no reason to share cold beverages or hot meals with one another; we would already know the others’ story. Life would be so boring. The great thing about this life we have is that we all have a story and we should make sure ours is worth hearing. 

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